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Membership of the Society

We are owned by you. When you take out a membership with us you become a part owner of the Society along with all other members.

At Anglo-Saxons Friendly Society, we are there to help our members when times get tough. Our sickness and incapacity insurance and our Discretionary Grants can provide assistance with sometimes costly medical matters.

  • Cost of Membership

    The cost of becoming a Member is payment of an annual subscription which is set according to your age when you join, but which does not increase as you get older. To apply you must be over 16 years old but under 55 years old.

  • Fixed Premiums

    The premium you pay does not increase and is not payable beyond age 65. However, you can still claim benefits after age 65.

  • Financial Benefits

    We offer two types of benefit to our Members:

    A Sickness Benefit Plan – this will make a regular payment to you should you be unable to work through illness or incapacity and lose income as a result.

    Discretionary Grants/Award – as a Member, you will have the opportunity to apply for a Discretionary grant to assist you with health-related expenses such as Dental and Optical costs.

    Please be aware that our Discretionary Benefits are not regulated by the FCA or the PRA. Our Sickness Plan and benefits are currently tax free but HMRC taxation rules could be changed in the future causing the benefit payments to become taxable.

Membership starts at just £8.50 per month!

Fees are fixed - so you never pay more than your initial subscription for continued membership.