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Membership starts at just £14.95 a month, providing up to £5,600 of annual member benefits

The Society exists to look after its Members which includes paying claims and managing a financially sound business. We take pride in the high standards of service provided to our Members. We understand that the claims process can be daunting and we endeavour to make the process as smooth as possible and support you throughout the process.

Membership of the Society

Providing you with peace of mind

When you become a member we provide you with two financial benefits.

Benefit 1. Sickness Plan

Our Sickness Benefit Plan is open to anyone in work or looking for work between the ages of 16 and 60 and costs as little as £14.95 a month.

Anglos £100 per week Sickness Benefit Plan provides members with up to £5,100 per year sickness cover, £500 per year member benefits and access to money saving discounts from well-known brands and retailers to help you make the most of your money.

What does Anglos Sickness Benefit Plan offer you?

  • Peace of Mind

    If you are unable to work due to  sickness for more than a week, our clear and affordable Sickness Benefit Plan provides you with £100 per week to provide you with peace of mind until you are able to return to work.  

  • Fixed Premiums

    Anglos guarantees that the monthly membership fees in the table below will not change throughout the length of your membership. 

  • Financial Benefits

    An individual sickness claim is covered up to a maximum of 5 years. The weekly payment rate after the first week of sickness is: 

    £100 per week for the first year 

    £50 per week for the second year 

    £25 per week for years three, four and five.  

    No payments are made in year 6 and subsequent years for the same illness. 

  • Designed to Pay Your Claim

    We provide an affordable, straightforward Sickness Plan product with no hidden ‘won’t pay you’ terms. The payment is tax free and is in addition to any statutory or company payments you might receive.

    We only ask you to 

    Wait 13 weeks before you are eligible to claim sickness benefit  

    Pay your membership fees

    Complete a simple claim form and submit it with a doctors sick note

Benefit 2. Discretionary Membership Benefits

We provide you with an annual claims limit of up to £500 per year, providing you with the flexibility to claim financial support on a wide range of benefits providing membership fees are up to date. Our current member benefits include:

Health – available after 12 months membership    

  • Dental treatment and dentures: £200 maximum payment, 50% of invoice receipt paid  
  • Optical Prescription glasses including eye tests, prescription sunglasses and contact lenses: £200 maximum payment, 50% of invoice receipt paid 
  • Miscellaneous Medical Expenses: £200 maximum payment, 50% of invoice receipt paid including private consultation, physiotherapy, chiropody, podiatry, reflexology, osteopathy, hearing aids etc. 
  • Hospital stay benefit of £30 per night up to 16 nights per year 
  • Maternity and paternity of £200, one claim per child 

Housing and Education – available after 24 months membership    

  • First time home buyer grant of £200 
  • Annual home energy efficiency grant of £200 per year covering new windows, heating, boiler, insulation etc to improve EPC rating.  
  • Annual education grant: full time courses £200, part/time courses £100.  

Additional benefits that don’t count against your £500 annual claims limit   

  • Discretionary death benefit of £2,500 and £5,000 for accidental death.  

Membership Benefits Summary  

  • Membership joining age 16 to 60 years old  
  • Weekly sickness benefit payment of £100, up to £500 per year discretionary benefit pot, death benefit cover and Anglos Extra 24/7 helpline and money saving discounts  
  • New members have a 13 week waiting period before they can claim sickness benefit and 12 months waiting period to claim up to £500 of discretionary annual member benefits and death benefit  
  • Claims not payable for first 7 days of sickness 
  • Premiums are guaranteed throughout the policy term and increase slowly as members get older to reflect increasing sickness risk as members move to the next age band (see table below)  
  • Sickness benefit cover and premiums cease at age 70 with access to lower rate fee payable to age 85, membership then becomes free providing ongoing access to discretionary benefits 
  • Payment by direct debit with monthly, quarterly or annual payment option  

How much will membership cost me? 

 £100 p/w sickness benefit 

Age range  Monthly Premium   Quarterly Premium   Annual Premium  
16-30  £14.95  £44.85  £179.40 
31-40  £18.95  £56.85  £227.40 
41-50  £23.95  £71.85  £287.40 
51- 60  £28.95  £86.85  £347.40 
61-70  £34.95  £104.85  £419.40 
71-84  £10.00  £30  £120 
85+  Free membership   Free   Free  

Please be aware that whilst Anglos Sickness Benefit Plan and discretionary benefits are currently tax free, HMRC taxation rules could change in the future causing the benefit payments to become taxable. Discretionary benefits are available to members and will be considered regularly to ensure sufficient funds are available to satisfy the grants. 


  • Members enjoy day one access to Anglos Extra providing access to money saving shopping discounts and 24 hour health and wellbeing helpline.
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Member testimonials

The financial sickness benefit support I received when I was hospitalised and unable to work was extremely helpful as I was self employed

Peter Daniels – OCT 2022

The Society has provided an immense amount of support with dental, optical and other therapies over the years.

Debbie Bruce September 2022

I have always had dental issues and needed regular treatment so the allowance for this has been a god send to keep it manageable

Karen September 2022

Society has helped me with sick, dental and optical benefit payments. They offer fantastic service and have helped me most of my life

Keith Roots September 2022

Membership starts at just £14.95 a month, providing up to £5,600 of annual member benefits

Lifetime guaranteed fixed fees - you never pay more than the published subscription rates at the date you took out your membership