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Helping our members since 1877

Welcome to the Anglo-Saxons Friendly Society

At Anglo-Saxons Friendly Society, we are owned by you, our members.

Anglo-Saxons Friendly Society began as a mutual self-help group, owned by its members and offered support in times of need. Today we offer a simple, easy to access product to support you and your family with healthcare needs.

Please be aware that our Discretionary Benefits are not regulated by the FCA or the PRA, they are available to members and will be considered if funds are available to satisfy the grants. Our Sickness Plan and benefits are currently tax free but HMRC taxation rules could be changed in the future causing the benefit payments to become taxable. 

The Society is:

  • A mutual society owned by its members
  • A member of the Association of Financial Mutuals
  • Part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme
  • A member of the Good Business Charter

Now open to new members!

Find out more

The financial sickness benefit support I received when I was hospitalised and unable to work was extremely helpful as I was self employed.

Peter Daniels

Customer service has always been front and centre of everything the Society does. It has always been friendly and compassionate, even more important in these tough times.

Colin Buggs

10/10 for customer service and value for money. Just perfect.

Barry Smith

Provides very helpful customer service and good value for money

Barry Frissenden

The Society has provided financial help towards medical bills, very good customer service and good value for money.

Marilyn Wilder

The Society has provided significant financial help through discretionary dental, optical and medical grants. Excellent customer service, always very helpful. Excellent value for money, I would recommend others to become a member. Keep up the good work.

Robert Nicholson

The Society has provided an immense amount of support with dental, optical and other therapies over the years.

Debbie Bruce

Amazing value for money. I would fully recommend becoming a member.

Paul Tyler

A friend recommended I considered joining, I’ve never looked back, it’s so good. Supportive by paying dental and optical claims, excellent service. Would I recommend becoming a member? Definitely! Yes.

Mrs Hannah Beachem

I have received financial support with dental and spectacles bills and after a hospital stay. I’ve recommended my daughter-in-law considers joining.

Margaret Lynch

Membership benefits have provided help with the ever increasing cost of healthcare. In my opinion the Society provides exceptionally good value for money. I would definitely recommend others joining.

Michael Norman

My parents signed me up when I was young, the Society provides superb customer service and very good value for money.

Adam Brown

Since I joined at age 16 the Anglo-Saxons have helped me many times with dental and optical grants at a times when money has been scarce.

Alan Smith

Since my family recommended I considered joining, the Society has been a wonderful help with the increasing cost of living. Perfect customer service, I would recommend others think about joining.

Trina Hedges

The Society has helped me with the cost of opticians and dentist bills. They provide excellent friendly service, my wife and daughter are also members

Ashley Simons

We are so pleased we joined all those years ago. The Society has helped us immensely, we have recommended others to join. 100% value for money.

John and Christine Lock

Society has helped me with sick, dental and optical benefit payments. They offer fantastic service and have helped me most of my life.

Keith Roots

Staff are always helpful and polite, helped me a lot with spectacles  and dental costs. Anglo-Saxons has really benefited me.

Ann Stiling-Daveney

Supported me with sick pay, dental and optical bills. Great value for money, I would recommend all to join!

Raymond Till

The are quick paying claims, offer good value for money, I would recommend others join.

Graham Winter

When my husband spent time in hospital and unable to work he was very glad of the grants. I would recommend other to join, very good value for money,  it’s small investment compared to many health schemes.

Diane Gee

ASFS Extra

Membership starts at just £14.95 a month, providing up to £5,600 of annual member benefits

Lifetime guaranteed fixed fees - you never pay more than the published subscription rates at the date you took out your membership